Firewood Fundraiser

Alumni great Howard Broad has been working with the Trust and the club with an excellent fundraiser. A group of club stalwarts will help supervise the pruning and cutting of firewood on Howard's property. A roster for teams is being worked on. On each Sunday morning a group will go to Howard's property and make firewood which will be on sold.

When we started planning for this back last year we didn’t really know how the logistics of the exercise would work. We finally started in late January 2022 with a core workforce with the aim of understanding the process and timeframes involved.

The good news is we now understand all this, have knocked over a lot of trees and created a lot of firewood that is drying out to sell. We have done this far quicker than expected, but given this is a 5 year project that will create a lot of income for the club we won’t be taking the foot off the pedal.


We won’t have to work every weekend, like we once thought, and will need limited involvement over the winter months, it will largely be off season work.



Anzac weekend is 23rd April to 25th April and we are having a big push that weekend and need everyone to get involved.

Working Saturday and Sunday morning, and Monday afternoon (after Anzac respects are given). We are cutting, slashing and splitting 10 trees each day so we truly do need all hands on deck.

Some teams are playing Saturday so they can’t be involved that day. We plan to manage this day by using the Oldies teams plus anyone else available.

Each day will finish with a BBQ before heading back to town.

If you're interested in helping out please email Richard Johnston - with the day they are going to be available and organise from there.