Apply for a Grant

The Rosyln Wakari Stables Trust is now accepting grant applications, funds are available for current and prospective Roslyn Wakari Association Football Club members.


The Trust gives priority to applications that support our six objectives -

  1. Development of Players.

  2. Development of Coaches.

  3. Development of Administrators.

  4. Development of Managers.

  5. Scholarships for Players.

  6. To provide funding to players whose families are unable to financially commit.

Applications can be made for a variety of purposes including -

  • RWAFC Subscriptions of Fees.

  • Football development opportunities.

  • Playing or training gear.

  • Football tournament expenses.

  • Academic or Trade Qualifications.

  • Refereeing courses.

  • Coaching courses.

Conditions of Grant
The grant must be used only for the specific purpose for which the application was made and spent within 3 months of the grant being made. Copies of invoices, receipts and bank statements must be provided to Roslyn Wakari Stables Trust within 3 months of the grant being made to verify that the grant has been used in accordance with the purpose approved.

Any grant money which is not spent on the purpose approved must be returned to Roslyn Wakari Stables Trust within 3 months of the grant being made. We agree to reimburse Roslyn Wakari Stables Trust for all costs incurred (including legal costs on a solicitor/ client basis) in recovering any outstanding grant money.

The purpose of the Roslyn Wakari Stables Trust is to foster the spirit of loyalty and generate funds to promote the general welfare of the club.
Therefore, if the applicant moves to another Dunedin based Football Club within 12 months of receiving a grant, the applicant agrees to fully reimburse the Roslyn Wakari Stables Trust of all grant money received.

If you are interested in applying for a Grant please download and complete the application form below and email a copy to us at

RW Stables Trust Grant Application Form
(click the PDF icon to download)